Back Flow Information

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us ensure that our water quality remains safe for everyone by installing the proper backflow device as required by Texas law.  If you have a backflow device installed for an irrigation system that is on the same property as a septic or aerobic system or other type of cross connection, we will be sending you a reminder one month before the deadline to have your backflow device tested.  Texas law requires an annual test on these devices.  

The letter is sent to notify our customers and to ensure that your water service will not be interrupted because the original test results were not received by Rose Hill on time.  These reports are reviewed by TCEQ during our inspections.  If we are in noncompliance, TCEQ can fine Rose Hill SUD daily until we comply.  Therefore, we must be very diligent in complying with the State Law.  We appreciate your understanding.  Please call the office at 972-932-3077 if you have any questions or concerns.

Please see documents below for more information. 

What Does Backflow Mean? What is Backflow?